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11 million independent restaurant employees will lose their jobs if we don't act.

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Our Mission

The Independent Restaurant Coalition is fighting to save local restaurants affected by COVID-19.

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We are the lifeblood of our economy and our communities, and we need help.

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• Connection and community with fellow restaurateurs and workers 

• A united voice to speak directly to lawmakers making decisions about the fate of our industry

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What's at Stake

Providing economic assistance for the independent restaurant industry is one of the most critical investments to bring our economy back, and the most visible step to give all Americans confidence that we will all come out of this.

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We're urging Congress to pass the RESTAURANTS Act of 2020, which would establish the $120B Restaurant Revitalization Fund we've been fighting for. 

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•  Independent restaurants are expected to generate up to $653 billion in sales in 2020. 

• On average, 90% of that revenue gets paid out directly to our employees, suppliers, and for rent.

• The economic activity generated by the restaurant industry as a whole accounts for 4% of the nation’s GDP.

• The federal government can use the restaurant industry’s existing systems to administer aid across the many concomitant businesses that rely upon us to stay afloat.


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