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First-Of-Its-Kind Report

New report from Compass Lexecon: 

The $120B Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund would grow the economy up to $271 billion, reduce national unemployment by up to 2.4%, and revitalize supply chains nationwide. Without the fund, 85% of independent restaurants could permanently close. Read the full report here

Key findings:

  • Independent restaurants make up a significant portion of the food and beverage industry, which generates roughly $760 billion in sales

  • The Independent Restaurant Revitilization Fund would grow the economy up to $271 billion

  • The Fund would also single-handedly reduce the U.S. unemployment rate by an estimated 2.4% 

  • Without the Fund, 85% of independent restaurants could close permanently
Read the report

Indp Restaurant Revitilization Fund would:

  • Jumpstart the U.S. economy

  • Reduce unemployment

  • Increase tourism

  • Revitalize the supply chain

  • Save independent restaurants 

How You Can Help

Contact Congress

Tell your members of Congress to establish the Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund so we can rehire, reopen, and stay open — it only takes a moment.  

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Social Media

Post and share our resources on social media to help spread the word about why establishing the Independent Restaurant Revitilization Fund is so critical.