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Ways to Take Action

When the Restaurant Revitalization Fund portal opened in May 2021, it was funded with only $28.6B—not nearly enough to meet the needs of the nearly 300,000 restaurants and bars that applied for relief. Members of Congress introduced the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act to add $60 billion dollars to the fund. Please join us in advocating for the program to be refilled so that everyone who needs relief can access it.

Here’s how you can help:  

  • CALL CONGRESS IN ONE CLICK: Call your members of Congress by clicking here.  We'll provide a script, but if you'd like additional information you can check out this national fact sheet and our most recent survey for additional data and talking points.

  • POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  Share our newest video, available for download here.  Copy and past the caption below and link to 

    • Independent restaurants and bars bring vibrancy to our communities and are critical job creators, but many are at risk of closing for good. Join the IRC in taking action and demand that Congress #ReplenishRRF

  • EMAIL CONGRESS: Click on this link to automatically send emails to your members of Congress:

For independent restaurants and bars:

  • RECEIPTS: Add this message to the bottom of your business' receipts calling on customers to take action: Thank you for joining us, we appreciate your support. Restaurants like ours are in danger of closing if Congress does not help us recover from the pandemic. Tell Congress to replenish the Restaurant Relief Fund at 202-224-3121.

  • TAKEOUT FLYERS: Print out flyers (B&W here) to include with takeout orders. We need our customers to know that independent restaurants and bars are still struggling and need relief from Congress. We also want to encourage our customers to take action, too.

  • HANG A POSTER: We have four to choose from. Stay visible—our fight to #SaveRestaurants isn’t over.